Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Harris County Juvenile Lawyer: 5 Things You Will Be Dealing With

 Harris County Juvenile Lawyer
 Harris County Juvenile Lawyer
Harris County Juvenile Lawyer Andy Nolen has practiced Juvenile Defense for more than 20 years. He has represented over 3000 men women and children in the course of that time and had over 400 cases dismissed. That working experience has taught him a great quantity of crucial important information on the subject of Juvenile Defense. Amongst those are:

5 Important things You Ought to Fully understand With regards to Juvenile Law Cases:

1. A girl or boy is not thought to be a defendant but is a respondent. The character of the court proceeding is civil and not criminal. While a boy or girl is charged with a criminal offense, he or she is never found guilty but could possibly be found to be in need of rehabilitation.

2. A child charged with a significant offense may be kept in a Juvenile Detention Centre. A juvenile does not have a bond set and thus is unable to post a bond and be discharged. A juvenile has the right to a detention hearing each and every 10 days and will be able to try to get discharge at that hearing. A household member should always be available to take custodianship of the child and have a system for oversight and be able to assure the child will be seen in the courtroom.

3. If the offense is severe enough, a child may be certified as an adult. If the child is certified as an adult, the court case is relocated to the adult courtroom system. At that stage, a bond is set and the child may bond out. You have the right to contest Certification as an Adult at a hearing. Harris County Juvenile Lawyer Andy Nolen has with success opposed certification of juveniles at hearings and won.

4. A child simply cannot be sentenced to jail or prison until certified as an adult. Nonetheless, a child can be place in the custodianship of the probation dept and relocated to a juvenile facility. Certain criminal offenses provide for a child to be put in the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).

5. Juvenile cases are distinct than adult cases. The laws utilized are different, the judges are different and their are specialised prosecutors. It is important to employ a attorney with juvenile court experience. Juvenile Defense Attorney Andy Nolen has more than 20 Years practical experience defending juveniles.

If your son, daughter, or child in your personal life has been charged with a juvenile criminal offense, be sure to call Harris County Juvenile Lawyer Andy Nolen at 832-480-8951 for a free of charge consultation.

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